Top 10 things Business owner must know in digital era

Computation increasing, the world is becoming more comparative. To survive in the digital era business owners are changing their strategy. To make good business plan top 10 things Business owner must know in digital era.

Albert Einstein said the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

If you don’t change your business style along with the change with technology, it will be quite difficult to survive in computation. Here in this article I will tell you about top ten digital terminology, that as a business professional you must have to have clear understanding.

  1. Website and Content management System (CMS)To me Content management system most important thing that business owner must have clear idea to generate pragmatic business idea. This such system where all digital contains (Such Text, Image, video etc.) stored and managed. People are now very busy and conscious. They need information with in just a mouse click. Before taking any decision they visit website to get some review. If they don’t find your name, they switch to other. So if you don’t have any website, you are not giving any opportunity to your clients for review. May be your service is very good, but as you cannot reach to your client using internet, you are giving up the opportunity to provide service to your customer and loosing revenue. But if you would have a good Content management system (CMS), you could easily manage a website including necessary information. Example: Your Pharmaceutical industry manufacture specialized diabetic product which has a very good demand in the world market. If you can increase the sales volume, you will be minimized the production cost too. You are investing millions of dollar to explore the local market which is already saturated. At the same time some region of Africa, this product has high demand. Pharmaceutical from Africa are desperately seeking some source from where they can trade some quality medicine. They are seeking the product on internet. The company who has proficiently organized Website, google is ranking them for the seekers and thus they are getting more opportunity to explore their business. Here is the list of Top ten CMS as per businessguru24 review.
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Concrete 5
  • Joomla
  • WebGUI
  • Rubedo
  • Modx
  • X3 CMS
  • Expression

2. Online Traffic Online traffic is a digital terminology of website visitor. Its very important for your business. Lets you have a good site and everyday 1 million visitor/per day visit on your site. They are basically your suspects. With good content and communication you can make them your prospective customer. Here feedback is very important. You have to assignee someone who will update the site and forward the queries to relevant desk. If visitor don’t get any feedback they are asking for, they will not be interested to visit your site any more or refer other to visit the site. Here you clearly losing your business opportunity.

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Why Sales per employee ratio important for your Human resource management?

Man, material & machine these three are very key elements for an organization and most expensive part. So good management is required to ensure maximum profitability. In this article you will learn how you will determine your staff’s efficacy. There is ratio called Sales per Employee ratio in financial management. This ratio will indicate how your workforce are performing comparing to other origination from same industry.

For example

Sales $10000
Number of employee 100
So sales per employee = $10000/100= $100

Oklahoma RADIO Inc.
Sales $10000
Number of employee 10
So sales per employee = $10000/100= $1000

how to calculate sales per employee ratio
Its clearly showing Oklahoma RADIO Inc. sales per employee is greater than ABC radio Bangladesh. It means Oklahoma radio inc has better employee management system which is very important to reflect positive impact on bottom line.
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