In simple words Doctors have to archive their notes for future reference. Which is part of big data. But it is not happy situation to take notes in front of patient. So a technology introduced which ensure all data entry from a remote side. Doctor use a specialized glass (Specially Google Glass) which has a camera and that can stream the video conversation real-time and remote side.  Someone on the other hand input the records in structured format.  


Now a days first world countries are doing this and practice is increasing all over the country. For this service, other than the technology, human attachment is one of the Key thing.

Technology   is now much cheaper an available all over the world. It is a fixed cost.  Especially in the age of Cloud you can manage a server within a moment considering some dollar. But in western country human resource expensive and it is variable cost. Bangladesh is very cheap for this deed. Lot of Youth generation who are now prepared for computer use. All they need to understand the conversation and record it quickly.

Two Major Skill

1.       Understand English

2.        Quick typing

3.       Domain Knowledge.

You can hair people within the range of $625-800 per month. Internet Bandwidth is also cheap 1 MB Around &25-30 Per month.

Government of Bangladesh also interested to import this sort of deal. In this connection government of Bangladesh is arranging BPO Summit 2016 (28-29 July, 2016) and it is patronized by the son of Prime minister Sheikh Hasina Mr. Sajib Wazed Joy.

Following video is taken from BPO Summit 2016, where Augmedix technology was introducing to youth generation of Dhaka. Hope Government of Bangladesh will arrange more such of awareness program in out of Dhaka too. Google Glass