For successful communication, you need to have some skill. Interesting is this skill priority change along with the time. At Stone Age, people couldn’t speak because they had no language. Body language was one of the common skill that people used for communication. Over the period people adopted different type of skills for better communication. In this article I will briefly explain 4 skills that help you for efficient communication.

1. Thinking

  • Whit whom you are communication?
  • What is the subject matter?
  • What is the current situation?
  • What result you want to get after the communication?

If you consider the stated factors, success rate will be higher. Remember, misunderstanding one of the common barrier for successful communication. If you think the prospective of the person(S) , your communication will be much professional.

Let me give an example

Mr. William and Mr. Jhon works in a same office. They always cooperate each other. One day   Mr. William did a silly mistake on Excel. Mr. Jhon informed it to Mr. William and advised to rectify like before. But problem is, that time There Boss was present, so Mr. William did mind. If Mr. Jhon wait till boss left them, it would be a nice communication.

2. Listening:

Listening is very important skill of communication. If you can make the sender understand that you are listening him very carefully, he will feel comfortable. If he feel comfortable, he will get chance to make you understand better. And If you understand better, you will be able to give correct feedback.

  • Without listening the message properly
  • Messages are easily misunderstood
  • Communication breaks down
  • The sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated.

3. Non-verbal:

Non Verbal communication is the oldest communication skill. It includes the following things:

  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • frequency of glances
  • Body movement
  • Gestures
  • Eye contact
  • Blink rate
  • Posture
  • Dress

Nonverbal communication is very important for presentation. Presenter can built trust, clarity and interest with Nonverbal communication.

Impact of Nonverbal communication:

  • Substitution: Sometime it use Substitution of word or words
  • Complementing: It provide better result than word during Complementing
  • Repetition: Reinforce that already being said
  • Accenting: underlining a point of message


4. Speaking:

Importance of speaking skill is non to all. If you cannot speak well, you are not a good communicator. Need to use you voice as per the situation. Same thing you can deliver different way. But result may be different.

During communication, you need to be sure that you are providing the right message and there is no misunderstanding.


Communication is the key of success. If you see the history, all successful leaders had a very good communication skill. There are tons of courses available in Business Administration faculty. In this era of globalization no one can ignore the importance of Communication.