Motivation is one of the key element to get efficient output from employee. There are two kind of motivation, one is financial and another is non-financial. In this article I will tell you 10 non-financial motivation trick for your organization.

1. Job Security
People do job to earn money which make their life more secure. If someone unsure about their job security. Insecure job is root of unsettled mind. One who have unsettled mind, cannot do any productive job. This is very painful for a person for his official and personal life. This type of person often spend their time to get better opportunity.

Business owner have to ensure that
• He is doing business which will continue forever.
• For the growth of business, office staff are the main factor.
• In the long run more people will be needed for incremental job
• Salary will be paid just on time
If business can ensure job security, they will feel it as Non-financial benefit. Employee turnover percentage will be less. People will be able to perform their duty with peaceful mind.

2. Give ownership of the work
Everybody like recognition. Delegate the project to the staff such way the he can feel it as his own project. Company is depending on his performance and after completion of successful project he will be rewarded. It will motivate him to give his maximum for the business.

3. Healthy Job Environment
People spend maximum actionable time in office. So health environment is essential for office staff. Seating capacity, desk etc. need to be arranged as per the standard. Coordination and cooperation between coworker is very Key. People love fun in his work. So need to put some moment when people will feel much relaxed. Celebrate Birthday for each employee or attend the wedding ceremony jointly. These helps to build interpersonal relationship between different employee and they will be motivated to stay in office and work for the business.
4. Appreciate every afford
Appreciate every afford and motivate them to find out more opportunity for the business. If they do mistake, give them opportunity to rectify or guide them for the rectification. Whenever employee touch a milestone, shake his hand. Instantly he will start believing that the company is measuring his each steps.
5. Help to increase professional skill
Knowledge sharing is very Key for an organization. Take every opportunity to ensure the employee are sharing their knowledge every time.
6. Engage in recruitment Process
During recruitment process, involve old employee to interview the candidates and rating. This is very key trick to make them understand, company is appreciating your inputs.
7. Touch Shoulder
If employee become sad/emotional for any reason (Official/unofficial), touch his shoulder. Try to listen their problem. Thus he will understand, his is not alone. He is working in such organization where management do care about his every pain and gain.
8. Holiday
Encourage employee to complete their project on time and create backup so he can take leave for holiday. It will help him to refresh his mind and do more productive job for the company.
9. Personal Help
For any type of personal problem, raise your helping hand. He will be motivated and support the company from his heart.
10. Polite Approach
Always be polite while giving any instruction. Never insult anybody. Insulting hurt people very much and it also have very bad impact on official environment.

If you practice these tricks, I am sure it will improve motivational level for your organization.