How to control your bad staff? Although its not very positive question but sometime you need it. Now first I like define you what I mean by Bad staff. Here bad staff is someone who not listen your instruction. For example you want to take some decision in favour of a vendor, your company may not benefited with this decision. You need signature from your subordinate. But he has some won ethics , so its creating some negative impact on your personal performance. But you are not capable to fire him. Now what you will do? Following 5 easy steps to control your bad employee to make your life easy.

Step # 1 You can take him for diner and try to make him understand your stand and ensure win win situation. If he understand its very good but if he don’t, you have to try the following step.

Step # 2 You can stop cooperating him and take every chance to make him down. Start supporting his favourite person. Start taking initiative to convince his subordinates. Apprise his subordinates more than him. Start taking documentation from him on each and every steps he take.

Step # 3 If you cannot convince his subordinates, now you are in little bit back footed. Now you make some project which is not important and assign him on that project as project manager. Take every signatury authority from him. Create come situation that make other team member to make it understand that his is not any important person for the organization.

Step # 4 If he has true leadership, it will be very tough for you to control his subordinates. Now what will you do? Make sure he cannot do any comfortable meeting with subordinate. Follow his social network media (Such as LinkedIn, facebook) it will help you to study his movement more closely.

Step # 5 If possiable, transfer him at another branch and keep change his assignment and reporting line authority. Show him the path to complain against you and office decision every day. It will help you to prove himself as a problem child in organization and everybody will start thinking his as a negative person.

Now I am sure, he will be tired and will step back. Because he will not be able to show his performance. He will try to search a new job and quite.

This is office politics. You have to believe that you are professional, no body in office is your friend. You have to think each and every chance towards you. Dont take every advantage in favour of you. Give maximum credit to your subordinates rather than him.

If you think otherwise, please comment on my blog. Your are welcome to debate with logic.

Have a nice office politics.