Now a days you often see, different business organizations are taking care the concept “Go Green”. What is it exactly? Why will you care?
If I say in simple words, its needed for you. Mars has no green, and you cannot live there. So if there is no green on the earth, can you live? Who will operate your business? Actually there will be no point of doing business as you will have no existence.
I think you yet to convince. I guess I need to explain it more.
As a business man, you have so social responsibility. These responsibility includes the following things
• Satisfy the customer
• Save Energy
• Prevent environment pollution
• Risk Management
• Creating awareness to the society
Form 2010, companies are start trying to follow “Go Green” Concept. It not only improving environment but also add some value in the bottom line.

Wastage Control:
You don’t need to turn on the Air Colling system and lighting if there are no employee on the floor. Modern companies are taking initiative to control unnecessary power consumption.